American Kennel Club Announces Two New Dog Breeds

There are some new dogs in town - literally.

The American Kennel Club has announced TWO new dog breeds as we ring in the new year.

While obviously the breeds have been dogs for a while, they are not going to be officially recognized as breeds by the American Kennel Club. And those breeds are: the Barbet and the Dogo Argentino.

The Barbet is a French water dog, described in a press release from the AKC as “a smart, even-tempereddog with a happy, friendly nature” that is “loyal and loves to be near its owners.”

The Dogo Argentino (from, you guessed it, Argentina), is a hunting hound. While “Dogos are confident, courageous, loyal and affectionate with their family,” the AKC warns in their press release that “they aren’t for the inexperienced dog owner.”

“They have strong guarding instincts and tend to be very protective and territorial,” adds the AKC. “The breed is a powerful, athletic working dog that needs a great deal of daily exercise and frequent interaction with people.”

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