Castronovo Musings: We Can Finally Drink On The Beach!

Woohoo, We can Drink on the Beach!

There’s really nothing better than plopping yourself down in a chaise lounge or a beach chair, digging your toes into the sand, staring into the ocean, listening to some tunes and cracking open a cold one. Unfortunately, down here at least, unless you’re staying at a fancy beach’s illegal.

I bring this up, because the City of Ft. Lauderdale, while the Super Bowl is in town, is lifting that ban for 3 glorious days. For three days, beginning Friday, January 31st from Sunrise to Las Olas, we can make believe (for the sake of visiting tourists), that we party like this all the time. Not true. Come Monday, the day after the “Big Game”, fines are back in place and you can get busted for booze on the beach. Why should our tourists have all the fun?

Ever go to the Caribbean? The Bahamas? Mexico? Wanna Pina Colada on the beach? No problemo. Why not us? Worried about spring break drunks ruining your serenity? Weren’t you a kid once? Instead of worrying about an open Bud on the beach, maybe you should worry about another sewer line break while they’re here! Can you imagine that coverage? Boy, that would (wait for it) stink.

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