Castronovo Musings: I Have A Math Problem

Milestone Birthday

So yeah, mixed feelings about my “big” birthday last week. To quote my friend Anthony, “I have a Math problem “. You start doing the math and the numbers don’t add up! Meaning I’m Closer to the end than the beginning! Boy, that sucks .

But I can’t look at it like that. I’ve not missed much in my life, (meals included). They say live your best life, I’m giving it hell. I wish I’d traveled more , so I’m Gonna get on that. I’m incredibly lucky to have married the love of my life, and stayed married!

We have two cool kids, amazingly they both got into UF, where in my lifetime I’ve seen 3 National Championships. I’m hoping for a couple more! My biggest struggle has Been food and eating, I mean, I don’t struggle eating, I struggle with eating less!

My career in radio has been an absolute blast, laughing every day and getting paid, that’s a nice way to make a living . Good work if you can get it. I’ve made some incredible friendships along the way, from Dave Barry, Brad Meltzer, Billy Gardell, Dom Irerra to Ron Magill, Dave Lamont and so many more that it would take all day to name them all, so if I didn’t mention you, you’re dead to me.

I love hearing from people that I have touched over the years (not physically), that’s extremely rewarding, considering we are in a room and can’t see you guys! It means a lot that we mean a lot to you. Thanks for all the birthday well wishes and see you tomorrow on the radio, where I belong.

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