Help Remove LIV Tons of Trash From Florida Beaches Before Super Bowl LIV!

Join Ocean Conservancy and NFL Huddle for 100 as they clean the shores of Miami's beautiful Virginia Key!

Ocean Conservancy has hosted several beach cleanups across South Florida, from the Atlantic coast to the Florida Keys, in the run up to Big Game. The goal is simple: Divert and remove 54 tons of waste from the state’s waterways in honor of Super Bowl 54.

Today, along with hundreds of volunteers, they will host a final cleanup at Historic Virginia Key Beach Park, which will be a part of the NFL’s Huddle for 100 initiative, a program designed to encourage people to log more than 100 million minutes of community service in celebration of the league’s 100th season.

The cleanup begins at 3pm - get all the details on how to join HERE.

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