How Late Can You Be Before Your Boss Gets Mad?

Beautiful young Asian woman checking time on smartwatch in city, in front of cars in outdoor carpark at sunset

Have you ever heard the line: "If you're early, you're on time . . . if you're on time, you're late . . . and if you're late, you're fired"? Turns out that's not ALWAYS true.

According to a new study, the average boss says they usually DO give their employees some wiggle room when it comes to being late.

They say you've got about SIX MINUTES . . . after that, you're late. But until then, you're probably good.

According to CareerBuilder, 29% of people say they're late to work at least once a month . . . and 16% are late at least once a week. 

This new survey does give us a chance to laugh at the worst late excuse from 2020 again - when a woman sent her boss a photoshopped picture claiming she had a nail in her tire!

Photo: Getty Images

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