Paul Castronovo Musings: At What Point Do We Need To Grow Up?

Public Sector Workers Strike

Just this week, My Patriot pal Heather was “escorted” off the grounds of a playground (ok, she was kicked out!) for playing in a kids area. Um, it was the general consensus of the team that she was out of line, even though she claimed no children were waiting to play and that the game was “really cool looking and fun”. So are bars and nightclubs, Heather . You wanna play or workout? Go to a gym, leave the playground to the kiddies! Imagine if Toast or I were hanging at a playground without kids? We’d be on 60 minutes! To Catch a Predator ! The post office wall!

Now, my other work pals are also acting like kids! Toast eats string cheese! Are you 6? You are effectively playing with your food! You might as well put olives on your finger tips. Ask yourself this question, if you were on a date would you order cheese and pull it apart with your hands? I’m not sure it’s actually cheese! And speaking of cheese, Mike, our producer eats Mac N Cheese out of the Kraft box. Why? He’s 11 years old ! Seriously, boil some shells, melt some aged cheddar into it, toss some bread crumbs on it, Broil until crisp!

Act your age and while your at it, “get off my lawn!”

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