Castronovo Musings: OK Boomer

Last week, Pat Sajak said, “lift the ceiling” instead of “raise the roof”. He got an “Ok Boomer” from the internet. I mentioned on THE PAUL CASTRONOVO SHOW (YES, I AM YELLING) that when I go fishing, I use a string to hold my sunglasses around my neck. I got a SARCASTIC “Ok Boomer” from my “friend” Heather.

Side note: Heather, do you get headaches from all the eye rolls directed towards me?

Ok Boomer is a phrase, that if you ask me has come and gone, but it’s used to call out “out-of-touch” opinions of baby boomers, by millennials who think they are perhaps too cool for the room ( I will allow the Ok Boomer, when one of us, comes across racially idiotic and sexually offensive) . and I find it somewhat offensive when over used!

Ya’ know, Heather and the rest of you sons o’ bitches that use that term, that There are cultures that actually respect their elders and hold them in high esteem!

Understand, that while the boomer generation may do goofy things and make some faux pau statements with their foot implanted in their mouths now and then (and I don’t only mean, Joe Biden!) not one boomer ever did the Tide Pod challenge; We would not freak out if we didn’t have our cell phone for an hour and believe it or not, we already know how to do things and don’t have to Google everything from, “Who starred in what TV show? To how do you change a light bulb?”

Just because someone came before you, don’t assume they’re out of touch.

And if you happen to work for someone who might be older than you,

Don’t discount knowledge and experience…they might be able to teach you something!

Note to Boomers: Don’t be an idiot, surround yourself with smart younger people, many of them have an energy and can help you fix stuff on your computer and IPhone (right Heather?) 

All that being said, and as I proof read* this blog, this whole paragraph deserves an “ok boomer”.

*Proof reading is something people did before Auto Correct

Bye Felicia.

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