Welcome To The Family, Sonny Corleone Castronovo

On Friday, we welcomed a new edition into the Castronovo home...a brand new Puppy named Sonny Corleone, named after the iconic character from my favorite film, The Godfather. 

Really, with the weather this was the worst weekend ever to get a puppy. They need to pee, and poop...a lot! Picture me standing outside in the quagmire and well, you can imagine. 

So on Friday, I tried to sleep all day and get ready for none with the arrival of Sonny Corleone. Futile. Then, Set up a pen in the yard for him to pee in. They told us not to set up in house. They didn’t know it was gonna be Hurricane Andrew! 

While training the puppy, we were playing with a ball and wouldn’t come to me, he would only go to Gina ! I was wrecked. Turns out her guilt got the best of her and she admitted that she cheated with treats in her pocket ! Just like in the movie, As Good As it Gets. Nice move. 

Friday night and we are trying to crate train him: night 1, cried for 15 mins, asleep by 11, at 3:44 he was up. I took him out to pee. Then when I gave him water he pooped in the living room. Then I gave him a chew toy and he slept on my chest gnawing until 7. I’m wiped out it’s 7:08

Then went and spent $238 at Fins Furs and feathers, a 50 yr old pet store! He needs a staircase? Gina bought everything. 

Then went to wags to riches, another pet store...dropped another $150 on a doggie playpen! Which he hates. 

Saturday night during the hurricane I walked him. In bed at 10, he yelped for 10 mins. Woke up at 1:15 peed. Gina took him to couch. 6:15 whole house up. I took him out and then he promptly shit in the living room. Everywhere. Multiple times. 

Sunday, pouring, sideways wind. He shit twice in the house. I bought him a playpen and he freaking hates it. Sunday night. We put him in the crate for 10 Minutes.... he now sleeps in bed with us. We are losers. 

I just realized it’s as if we have a newborn. I Can’t even leave the house. So I’ll see you guys in a year. 

Sonny Corleone Castronovo

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