Drunk Couple Attempts A Dance Move But Instead Snaps A Neck

Never attempt to re-create dance moves seen in a movie after drinking. An intoxicated dance teacher figured that out after she landed horribly on her head while trying to re-create Baby and Johnny’s iconic lift from “Dirty Dancing” with her boyfriend.

The bungled boogie began after Millie Slennett challenged her sister Rosie, 19, to a dance-off in their family’s garden. Millie was confident she and her boyfriend, 6-foot-1 Conner Justin, “had it in the bag” as she was a dance teacher and her sister is just a fashion designer. 

In the 23-second video shot by her sister, things started out promisingly with the dance pro making a running leap into Justin’s arms, however, their re-creation goes awry after she topples over her beau’s shoulders and lands on her head, causing her neck and body to bend back violently like a folding chair.

A CT scan revealed that she’d miraculously escaped any damage other than bruising. After reviewing the accident footage, doctors were surprised she could walk at all.

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