It's Black Cow Day?!

Today is National Black Cow Day!

No it's not the day we celebrate that cool Steely Dan song, that's pretty much any day you want. Today is the day we celebrate the delicious beverage we call an ice cream float! Made with root beer and vanilla ice cream, the drink was also called a Black Cow.

Originally made with vanilla ice cream, the drink was also sometimes made with chocolate ice cream, as Frank J. Wisner of Cripple Creek, Colorado, invented it in 1893. Wisner was gazing at the snow-capped Cow Mountain, which reminded him of a scoop of vanilla ice cream. He, then went to his bar and added a spoonful of the creamy vanilla to a glass of Myers Avenue Red Root Beer. Wisner named the creation, Black Cow Mountain but kids called it Black Cow.

So, now it's your turn to celebrate! Head on out to your local ice cream shop and enjoy the delicious drink that makes you sing Steely Dan songs

Post a picture in IG and hashtag it #BlackCowDay.

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