Testament Are Giving Fans Classic Albums For The Summer!

Testament have remastered two of their most classic albums, and are releasing them this summer. "The Legacy" & "The New Order" are set to be released on July 12, and the band dropped a video for "Into the Pit" for fans to chew on for now.

Two of the most iconic albums from Bay Area thrash titans Testament will be getting the remaster treatment later this summer, as both The Legacy and The New Order get some much deserved attention.

“When The Legacy and The New Order were first recorded we were new and had limited resources to record the albums being a young band. Now, with the remastering, fans will hear the albums in their signature sonic onslaught they were intended to be heard.” said frontman Chuck Billy.

Each album will have their own limited editions, with The Legacy getting a red on white swirl with black splatter version and The New Order getting a blue and purple swirl with black splatter. Both albums will release 1,500 copies worldwide with alternate cover artwork and packaging.

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