Pigeons To Be Exterminated In Germany?!

Limburg an der Lahn, is a town in Germany, that has just voted to exterminate its pigeon population.

The city council’s decision to kill the 700 bird population, was won by just over 53 percent of the residents.

“Today's result was unpredictable for us. The citizens have made use of their right and decided that the animals should be reduced by a falconer," mayor Marius Hahn said.

A falconer will lure the birds into a trap, then hit them over the head with a wooden stick to stun them, and then break their necks.

“We live in 2023, it can’t be that we kill animals just because they annoy us, or they’re a nuisance. That’s not acceptable,” Limburg city pigeon project manager Tanya Muller said.

The cull will be carried out over the next two years, as it remains to be seen if protests will be effective in stopping the culling and finding another solution.

It's hard out here for a pigeon.

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