34% Of Parents Like Their Pets Over Their Kids - Yes, Really


Apparently, 34% of parents prefer their pets over their own kids. And this is backed up by the science of surveys! This is some hard truth. TheAnimalRescueSite.com cited a study done by OnePoll. The study consisted of 2,000 pet owners, about 72% of which were parents. So let's dive into that group.

One thing sticks out already: "The survey showed that about 20% of parents purchased a gift for their pet more recently than they purchased one for their own child." This is just hilarious, honestly.

There's also this gem: "68% admitted that they were happier when they were around their pet compared to spending time with family or friends."

You really have to love the comedy in people's priorities. I love my pets, too. I LOVE them. But to choose them over my nephews for instance? That's a lot. Yeah. Definitely a lot.

That said, dogs don't disappoint the way people do. So I suppose I understand to a degree.

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