Eddie Murphy Is Back: Legendary Comic Teases 2020 Return

Eddie Murphy

There's only a few comedians in the "greatest of all time" conversation. You've got Carlin, Pryor, and a few others. But one of the only sure locks for those other spots is Eddie Murphy. Well, after years away from the stand-up comedy scene, Eddie is gearing up for a comeback! There's been lots of speculation about his comeback, with reports of a Netflix deal being made and his SNL hosting return being confirmed (amongst other things). But now we have an idea of when he might reboot hiss stand-up career.

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Murphy was on the Present Company podcast when he talked about his comedy going forward into 2020: "Next year, I'm going to tour, do some stand-up."

Now personally, I have some reservations about Murphy returning. Not because I doubt him, but because his legacy is THAT great. Whether it's entertainment, sports, or whatever the field, a veteran returning presents a risk. What if they don't deliver? What if it tarnishes the run? It's a difficult question. That said, of course I want him to succeed! Doesn't everyone? I feel like there's only a few comedic personalities as well liked as Eddie Murphy.

What do you think? Are you excited for a triumphant return? Let me know!

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