What If Tom Cruise Played Iron Man? - Deepfake Video

(Tom Cruise as Iron Man)

The "Deepfake" technology that's taking the internet by storm has gotten a little out of hand. It's proving to be an amazing new facet of editing, in both good ways and bad ways. There have been absolute horror stories, like the one in which a CEO was tricked into transferring over $200K. But despite the terrifying implications for privacy and speech, it can actually be pretty cool.

The team over at Collider Video (the video and podcasting arm of Collider) has created a video that shows us an alternate reality: What if Tom Cruise played Iron Man? It was a rumored casting choice for a while back in the day (before the Marvel Cinematic Universe), and now we can see what it might have looked like. Check it out below, and follow me @AD_Strider on Twitter and @a.d.strider on Instagram!



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