Science Is Wild: First Hints That Your "Biological Age" Can Be Reversed!

Science Is Wild, People

So one day (if you're not already), you're going to find yourself waking up tired, full of pain, and wondering where all the time went. For some reason, that hit me way earlier than I thought it would. But that's not my point here. The point is, we might have found a way to undo that! Reversing age, people! It's happening! Well, it's happening in biologically.

As reported by, nine healthy volunteers took a cocktail of normal drugs (growth horomone and diabetes meds), and they shed an average of 2.5 years off of their biological ages. TWO AND A HALF YEARS YOUNGER (according to the study). And their immune systems showed signs of strengthening.

These are crazy times, folks. Would you volunteer for something like this?

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