J.J. Abrams Scores $250 Million Dream Gig With Warner Bros.

Star Trek Beyond Tokyo Premiere

As reported by pretty much every single Hollywood trade, director and producer J.J. Abrams has signed a $250 million dollar overall deal with Warner Bros. This is the kind of deal that only the absolute top dogs in Hollywood could ever get, and it speaks to how much Abrams is trusted when it comes to franchise building and IP development.

Basically, this is a dream job for any creator. He went from having to try and get his original properties off the ground, to rebooting Star Trek, to continuing Star Wars, and now he gets to set up shop and do his own thing. AND, he can even keep some outside deals going (like a Star Wars venture). Pretty amazing.

What do you think of J.J.'s new gig? And what's your dream job? I want to know!

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