My Chemical Romance Reunion Reveal Shocks Fans


So I woke up from my midday nap yesterday to texts and messages from my girlfriend and friends, all sharing the same piece of news: My Chemical Romance, one of my top three favorite bands of all time, is officially getting back together. Going full emo again, my dudes. Break out the black nail polish.

The four guys will be be starting with a show on December 20th in Los Angeles, with a tour likely to follow. I can’t wait. I cannot freakin' wait. There's also already been merch appearing online, thus sparking speculation of a new album and a whole new era.

My girlfriend and I are already preparing to buy tickets at a moment’s notice for whatever the closest east coast date is. This is a BIG deal in my life. They were quintessential to my younger days and to my personality & creativity. I still probably hear an MCR song at least once every single day (because of shuffle). Is there a band or artist that you’re confident you hear every single day? And what was THE concert event of your life so far?

Check out the announcement below! And take a peak at the merch as well.

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