Review: 'The Mandalorian' Delivers In Disney+ Debut (No Spoilers)

The Mandalorian

It feels like we've been waiting ages for Star Wars to make the jump from the silver screen to live action television, and now it's finally happened. After much hype, The Mandalorian is here. And guess what, people? We now get to say that it's every bit as good as you hoped it would be when we first heard that Jon Favreau was joining Lucasfilm. They've delivered in a big, bad way. Disney+ has made the jump to hyperspace.

This show feels so classically Star Wars, while also feeling fresh and new. It embraces the unique and organic visuals of the scenes we remember while also conveying a western, crime drama feel. It's not unlike the cult classic show Firefly in its approach. It's a bit darker than this franchise usually is, but it doesn't lose the signature thrills. It feels like it's putting the world building and the characters first, which goes a long way when you're starting a story in a new era. Pedro Pascal manages to convey a lot with just his voice (as his face remains hidden behind the iconic helmet), and supporting stars Carl Weathers, Taika Waititi, and Nick Nolte all feel like they could instantly become fan favorites.

Now, is the episode perfect? I wouldn't say so. Is it the greatest first episode of anything I've ever seen? Maybe not. It's impossible to judge an entire thing on its pilot, so I won't try to. I don't think that's fair. I can say that I can see things people might not respond to as much. While I really enjoyed the score, I could see it throwing off purists who long for John Williams. It has a bit of those tones, but it's distinctly new. It needs more time to breathe and grow. And I could see some people that are newer to the mythology not feeling as invested in our masked protagonist. We only get a taste of his individual story in the middle of the table setting. But, it ultimately still works extremely well, even if he only shows his more emotional colors toward the end.

One thing is for sure, though: The hook at the end will unite fans with immense intrigue. I can't wait to see what happens. Check it out (and beware of spoilers)!

The Mandalorian


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