Ricky Gervais To Host Golden Globes For The "Very Last Time"

Ricky Gervais

As reported by Deadline and various other trades, the Golden Globes have once again recruited controversial comedian and writer Ricky Gervais to host their upcoming awards evening. Gervais is known for quite a few achievements in Hollywood, but his Golden Globes hosting nights became infamous for controversial comedy that centered around roasting, jabbing, and grilling the crowd. For me personally, some of it works way more than other parts of it, but everyone has their opinion. Apparently, this will be the "very last time" he'll host. And that can only mean he's going to go big. I think he can be very funny, and I'll be curious to see what he does here. But of course, some aren't happy about his return. What do you think? Do you think Gervais goes too far? Let us know!

Check out a video compilation below of some of his best and most infamous hosting moments from past Globes shows:



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