'Star Wars' Podcast: 'Mandalorian' Debuts New Hero & 'Skywalker' Approaches

Cara Dune

On this brand new episode, Alden travels to several different corners of the Star Wars galaxy! First, we're taking a dive into the fourth chapter of The Mandalorian. Let's break down the new characters we met like Cara Dune and Omera. We're also catching up on the fun of Star Wars Resistance, and doing a non-spoiler talk on Jedi: Fallen Order! But the main topic is this huge marketing push for The Rise of Skywalker! What can we take away from what we're seeing and learning in this media blitz for Episode IX? Also, Ewok love. There's lots of Ewok love. Let us know what you think!

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Ahch-To Radio is a Star Wars podcast fueled by the love of that galaxy far, far away. Creator/Host Alden Diaz dives into news, reviews, theories, fan works, interviews, and more! This is a show that celebrates the ties that bind the fans of Star Wars, and Alden's not afraid of turning off the targeting computer for some tangents and random analysis!

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