Movie News: John Belushi Biopic Will Star Broadway's Alex Brightman

Alex Brightman and John Belushi

Alex Brightman and John Belushi

A new report from Collider has revealed that Broadway star Alex Brightman (of Beetlejuice & School of Rock fame) will be playing comedy legend John Belushi in a new biopic. The project, which will simply be called Belushi, has been in the works for a while, but nothing solid has really come of it until now. Emile Hirsch, Adam Devine and even Joaquin Phoenix were all considered for the legendary comedic performer, but it seems Brightman's theatricality and comedy chops won the day. Also, in exciting news, John Mulaney has been offered the role of Dan Aykroyd. Does this mean comedy biopics will be replacing rock biopics as the popular trend? Let's discuss!

Check out a video of Brightman's recent Tony Awards performance to get a feel for his energy:

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