A Possible Spaceship Has Been Spotted!

Scientists at NASA think they've spotted a real Alien Spaceship. 

NASA first reported seeing a cigar-shaped asteroid that looks like one of the alien spaceships from the movie Independence Day about a year ago, for real!

They've been keeping an eye on this thing ever since because it’s the first interstellar object to enter our solar system from another part of the galaxy. 

And now Harvard scholars think it’s possible that the asteroid actually IS an alien spacecraft due to the fact that it visibly changed it's speed when it got closer tot he sun. This means it could be using light as fuel to propel it through space.

"Right now, it’s out there, cruising at a speed of 200,000 miles per hour. And hopefully, the aliens controlling it aren’t looking to land on Earth and conquer us all." (NBC News)

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