Will meat be taxed?

So, you know how the healthcare system in England rocks? It appears that there is enough research now to support that meat is negatively affecting their citizens and therefore costing the healthcare system a lot of money!

According to an article in New Scientist, recently, health officials in England have been discussing implementing a “meat tax” and trying to figure out just how much tax they need to add for it to prevent all the health problems caused by eating meat.

Researchers at Oxford University have figured out that taxing red meat 14 percent and processed meat by 79 percent it would save their healthcare system $1.3 billion.

They also did the math on what it would take to tax meat here in America and the tax would actually be higher. In order to get us to stop eating processed meat, the tax would need to be a whopping 163 percent. 

My solution ... eat more plants! 

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