Big Jet Plane Pains

I do long-haul flights generally once a year to see my family in Australia and so far i've been pretty lucky with the positions of my seats. But I couldn't imagine how uncomfortable it would be if I was ever sat next to someone who was also taking up room in my tiny aeroplane seat. An English man has decided to sue British Airways due to injuries he says were incurred by sitting next to an obese passenger.

The man claims he was forced to sit next to a "huge man" on a 13-hour flight from Bangkok to London. He says "his buttocks were bulging onto my side and the rest of his bulk spilling over."

The lawsuit explains that he suffered a pelvic injury and nerve damage in his neck. I mean, that seems a bit dramatic to me, but I would hate to be squished on a long haul flight. A British Airways customer service manager happened to also be on the flight and denies that the man's claims are even true at all. (BBC


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