Is a Deadly Asteroid on it's Way to Earth?

Apparently, an asteroid weighing 13 billion tonnes could be making it's way to Earth by August 2023 according to NASA.

The path is not certain yet and often NASA will update the whereabouts of asteroids near Earth but the thing is being compared to a nuclear bomb and that's scary! says "NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California, estimates this rogue asteroid measures somewhere in the range of 698.8ft (213m)." That could do some serious damage. 

They also say "the kinetic energy of 5.6e+2Mt or 560 megatons of TNT released upon impact (is) 11.2-times more than the Soviet Tsar Bomba."

But before you start to freak out, the odds of this thing hitting the Earth are actually super low. Odds about one in 30,000,000 kind of low. 


📷 Getty Images

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