Entertain the Kids This Christmas in the Car

It's that time of year again which means coming up with creative games to occupy you and your passengers for long car rides. Leaving for Universal yesterday we came up with some creative ideas. 

Punch Buggy What Colour:

Anytime we saw a yellow Beatle, we would give the person sitting next to us a light tap on the arm and yell "punch buggy what colour" the aim of the game is ..... to annoy the person next to you as much as possible. 

License Plate Game: 

We would watch for the license plates from varying states. If a license plate on the back of another car was from a state that was not the one that we were in (in this case, Florida), we would give each other a light tap. Be on the lookout for cars with license plates from different countries (Canada, for example) as those provide you the opportunity for a bonus tap! 

Mad Libs / Fill in the blanks: 

A favorite in our car always seems to be Mad Libs stories. Try to find templates for the stories online prior to leaving for your drive or create your own stories with blanks for your fellow passengers to fill in.  

What is your favourite game to play in the car? Let me know @ameliaonair on all social. 

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