Tips For Keeping New Years Resolutions

Already struggling with keeping your New Years Resolution? Here are some tips on how to keep it going all year long!

Apparently, the standard length of time a New Years Resolution lasts is two weeks. That's pretty sad! "In fact, the second Friday in January is known as "Quitters' Day" -- because that's the day most people abandon their resolutions." (Independent)

If you need some help with sticking to those resolutions, here are some tips from experts:

1. Get specific! If you get down to the nitty-gritty with clearly set goals then you are more likely to keep them.

2. Measure your progress. Write it down, get a fitness tracker, a journal or planner. You have to be able to measure your achievements to keep yourself motivated and on track.

3. Be reasonable: Don't set unattainable goals that you're likely to give up early on. 

4. Only make New Year's resolutions about something you're really passionate about: Choose a resolution that you actually care about so that you stay interested.

5. Set small, attainable goals so you stay motivated. It feels good to hit a goal, no matter how big or small it is. (NY Times

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