To Pay or Not to Pay

If you go on a date do you expect the man to pay? To a certain degree I do, but a lobster dinner? 

Recently a text exchange between a man and a woman on a first date has gone viral because the woman ordered lobster and expensive wine and the guy refused to pay for it.

The main issue here is that the guy is a college student and ordered at $20 meal while his date ordered a $90 bottle of wine and Lobster. She ordered $126 worth of food and drink and he ordered $20 ... how is that fair? If he had a full-time job and earned enough money I'm sure it wouldn't have been a problem, but know your audience. 

She ended up calling him rude and explaining that “gentlemen ALWAYS pay for girl’s food.” (Insider)

I honestly believe it depends on who asks who on the date, how much each person makes and where you go. It doesn't always have to be that the man pays. 

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