Dave Grohl Dropped Out of School

Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters turns 50 today! Let's learn a little about the man and the ledgend shall we?

The Rock and Roll superstar was born in Warren, Ohio before moving to Virginia as a child. He then settled in Seattle when he joined Nirvana in 1990. He, his wife Jordan and their three daughters currently live in Los Angeles.

Did you know that Dave dropped out of school in grade 11? He also made his acting debut in an episode of The X-Files called "The Pusher" 1996. He's appeared in the Muppets and been in two episodes of Drunk History, guest hosted two different talk shows, directed Foo Fighters videos and the cherry on top - inducted two bands into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame -- Queen in 2001 and Rush in 2013.

I didn't know all of that, such an interesting guy right!? Somehow I don't feel very accomplished all of a sudden haha!

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