Cute or Creepy

Boy and girl meet on a train, boy likes girl, the girl doesn’t think much of the meeting and they both part ways after some small talk.

Fast forward to a few days later when boy texts girl, but the girl hadn’t given boy her number…. How on earth did he get it? He stalked her through social media until he found it.

When the girl told him to stop messaging her and how creepy it was he got angry and hurt and couldn’t understand why what he did was weird. Quite obviously he thought he was being cute.

I think it depends completely on the circumstances. If there is a long conversation and they clearly both like each other then maybe, that would be okay. He had added her on social media, and instead of just messaging her though there he went a step further to find her number. That’s what I think is the key to the creepiness in this story.

Now, blast from the past. My parents met at a 21st birthday party and they talked all night until my mother had to leave. My dad had remembered her last name and looked her up in the phone book and the rest is history.

That was cute because he didn’t stalk her through social media, but of course, that was a different time. What do you think? Let me know @ameliaonair.

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