SunPass Scam

There's always a scam going around South Florida it seems. The latest one is trying to fool SunPass customers, encouraging them to settle their unpaid tolls through email. 

The email address to watch out for that's sending the fake emails is and the email will read like this;

“Please find the attached invoice for past due tolls that have been charged to your Sun Pass account. Failure to pay will result in a summons for court appearance within 30 days.”

FDOT is reassuring SunPass customers that email is not the way they communicate billing issues.

"Please be aware that FTE does not send toll invoices through email. Official toll invoices are sent only through U.S. mail.," FDOT said in a statement.

So if you get one of these emails let's try and stop it before it catches someone! Make sure you file a complaint with the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center. (NBC6)

Whatever happened to making an honest living right!?

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