Theft by Dad

As a teenager, I wasn't the easiest kid to handle however I would never have even dreamt of calling the police on my parents. 

This was not the same train of thought that an Ohio teenager had when her dad took away her mobile phone. He took it away as a punishment because she was misbehaving so she called the police and reported it missing! She even named and shame her dad. 

She told the dispatcher, “My father took property, which is an $800 phone, that does not belong to him... I just want him to return my phone and I could leave and go to my grandmother’s." (The Smoking Gun)

Police were dispatched to the home as they and spoke with the girl's father, who said that he'd taken away the phone as a punishment. Of course, the Police left without writing any tickets, but not before explaining to the spoilt teenager that owning a phone is a privilege. 

Kids these days have no understanding of how lucky they are and if I was her parent I would be keeping that phone for a very long time. Goodness listen to me ... am I getting old?! 😂

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