What Makes You Sleepy: Circadian Rhythms

Ever wondered why you can't sleep? It could be because you're messing up your circadian rhythm. Circadian Rhythm is the bodies natural internal clock that tells all living organisms the cue to go to sleep and wake up. Do you work nights, are vision impaired or consider yourself a night owl? If you are, the light getting to the retina in your eyes could be too little, confusing your internal body clock. .

What's more is, you could be at higher risk for mental health disorders. A new study has found a correlation between late nights and depression as well as Schizophrenia. While, those who have a tendency to rise early have a better over all sense of well being.

The good news is that being a "night owl" doesn't seem to affect the risk of BMI or type 2 diabetes. So are we setting our alarm clocks for 6am tomorrow?

📷 - Getty Images

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