Drinks On A Plane, But No Snakes.

Have you ever had one too many drinks before or during a flight? A British man hit up an airport bar before his flight to London, as you do when on vacation but what he didn't realize was how much those drinks would actually cost him!

The 44-year-old admitted to having six drinks before getting on a WestJet flight early last month and he pleaded guilty to failing to comply with instructions and resisting arrest under the Aeronautics Act. Unsurprisingly, he became unruly and repeatedly refused to obey flight attendants' safety instructions. The crew feared for the safety of the passengers at one point and the pilot decided to turn the plane around and return to Calgary.

But to land the plane safely, the pilot had to first dump 20,000 pounds of fuel, which cost WestJet approximately $21,000. However in court, a judge ruled that the man must pay WestJet back every cent. He spent six nights in jail and the moment he got out, he went to find an alcoholics anonymous group. He had been sober for 18 months prior to the arrest. Now that's what I call a rough flight! ( USA Today )



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