Green Scooters Are Here To Stay

The Fort Lauderdale scooters are allowed to stay!

After a vote, the scooters were given the thumbs up, but their speeds will be reduced.

According to The Sun Sentinel "Commissioners said they wish the scooters were allowed in bike lanes on roadways, and they hope the state Legislature will change state law to allow it. That change is in the works in early forms of legislation. For now, they’re relegated to sidewalks."

This comes after much debate, with an argument put forward that the scooters are unsafe.

I think they're just as safe as bicycles and an awesome eco-friendly way to get around. However if they're allowed in bike lanes they need to be able to go just as fast as the bikes so not to create a problem with cyclists.

Have you used one yet? What do you think? Let me know @ameliaonair on instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

📷 Getty Images

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