The Doors Most Infamous Performance

The most infamous performance The Doors ever did took place 50 years ago today onstage at the Dinner Key Auditorium in Miami. Singer Jim Morrison, who was drunk, nearly took off his pants. It actually led to warrants being issued for his arrest.

Eyewitness accounts and bootleg recordings found no evidence Morrison actually exposed himself -- in fact, the band's road manager stopped him when Jim toyed with his belt.

There's a video about the event, but it contains a fair bit of the drunken profanity that got Morrison in trouble.

Drummer John Densmore told The Hollywood Reporter that "there were hundreds of pictures taken [of this show] and no evidence." Densmore says, "Yeah, Jim was a drunk and a sensational, crazy guy, but he also was a great artist and I want him to be remembered for the art as well as the craziness." 

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