Aerosmith - Trouble In Vegas

Drummer Joey Kramer temporarily left Aerosmith’s ‘Deuces Are Wild’ Las Vegas residency earlier this week after a ‘minor accident,’ but in a new Twwet the band have reassured us the show will go on.

“‘We got a song!’ 50 years of #AeroHistory in one special moment Tuesday night. From the first song ever written, to the Las Vegas strip and we ain’t done yet!”

Aerosmith fans posted on the Aeroforce forums that they saw some onstage tension between Steven Tyler and Joey Kramer at a ‘Deuces Are Wild’ show in Las Vegas last week. This came after video surfaced of Joe Perry playing quite sloppily on "Livin' on the Edge" at one show.

simonpbeck posted:

“I was at the Vegas show on Tuesday. Tyler was shooting some looks back at him a few times throughout. After he stopped playing midway through the end of Walk This Way, he and Tyler started arguing before the intros and bows. Kramer looked like he was going to deck Steven.

There are nine more shows scheduled in June, let's hope they can work this out so the next lot of shows aren't so heated!

Want to see them in action? Check out a fan shot video of the opener here.

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