Steven Tyler Lip Syncing Again?

Do you remember how many years ago, Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler was accused of lip syncing by The Black Crows, Chris Robinson?

Well Robinson has brought it up again, because this clearly isn't a sore spot ....

Steven Tyler himself defended Beyonce back in 2013 after reports that she used backing tracks and lip synced the National Anthem by saying “Beyonce’s so hot she can do anything,” when talking to TMZ. “Let’s just get real.”

Chris Robinson has explained it like this ... “I started out so cantankerous with Aerosmith. We went on tour with them and I was still a kid, and I was shocked that they used tapes for [Steven Tyler’s] vocals. Not the whole thing, but you know, that people back then were using [tapes]. Robert Plant was doing it.

I brought it up in my first Rolling Stone interview and got nasty messages from everyone involved! [Laughs.] ‘What are you doing, kid?’ I was like, ‘Oh, sorry!’ I just was shocked that that’s how this went down,” Robinson told Ultimate Classic Rock.

All I have to say to Robinson is - "Does a magician reveal his tricks .... no?!"

What kind of professional musician "tells" on another fellow artist?

Not cool.

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