Kids Won't Do Chores? This Will Make Them Fun!

We have come into a digital age. And when it comes to phones, banking, movies, music, hitching a ride is all dine via an app.

So why would doing chores around the house be any different?

Apparently it's actually not! Now you can get a bunch of apps that allow parents to keep track of chores completed and money sent to the kids, some even let you pay through the app.

According to Ohio Health these are the top 6 chore apps on the app store.


iOS and Android


This app uses a points-and-rewards system, too, but also connects families in other ways. OurHome is a private communications hub, allowing your family to send messages and reminders and add events to the family calendar.


  • Assign and schedule tasks and chores
  • View progress and activities
  • Includes shared grocery list and family calendar
  • Send messages and set reminders

Chore Pad



Ditch the paper chore charts for a customized digital version with Chore Pad. This app uses stars to track when chores are completed. Develop your list of rewards, and assign the number of stars it takes for a payout.

  • Easily access each child’s chart from their card at the start screen
  • Customize each chart using one of 12 different themes
  • See star totals and progress at a glance on the start-up screen
  • Bump up or pare down earned stars, based on how well or not-so-well chores are completed

Lickety Split

iOS andAndroid


Getting your preschooler to pick up toys, brush their teeth or make their bed can turn into a nag-fest that no one enjoys. Lickety Split is an app that turns daily tasks into a fun, beat-the-clock game. It uses the power of music to motivate young kids, while helping them understand the abstract concept of time. You go from nagging to cheering them on!

  • Choose from two timers — Beat the Timer or Countdown — to challenge your child to complete a task
  • Accelerated music tempo cues kids that time is running short
  • Customize timers or choose from seven preset timers/tasks


iOS and Android

Free ($3.99 Pro Version)

iRewardChart goes beyond chore tracking to help you teach virtues you want your child to learn. Whether it’s tasks like cleaning your room or behaviors such as being patient, kids can earn stars for accomplishing tasks or good behavior. You customize the tasks, number of stars and the rewards. The free version supports one child and a maximum of four tasks per week. The pro version allows unlimited kids and tasks.

  • Colorful, interactive reward charts with sounds
  • Customize rewards for each kid based on what motivates them
  • Keep a history of tasks, behaviors and rewards for as long as you want


iOS andAndroid


Homey is another teaching app, helping kids learn about money through doing chores. Show them how money is earned through work — chores they do around the house. Set up responsibilities that aren’t paid to show that everyone needs to contribute to the household.

Homey allows you to take pictures of messes or tasks (feeding the dog, unloading the dishwasher) and assign and track the work. Homey makes dividing and conquering chores a family affair.

  • Customize chores and responsibilities with assignments, rewards and due dates
  • Set optional rewards for family members to choose from
  • Progress bar shows kids how much they’ve earned toward saving for a specific purchase

Gone are the days when my mother used to keep a star chart for us on the wall. You did a chore, you got a star. Five stars meant you got a very small toy. The end.

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