Ron Burgundy Made

Ron Burgundy did something never done before on late night television this week. He appeared on all late night shows at what seems like the same time.

The first stop was Conan and he brought a box of props with him.

Next was The Late Show with Steven Colbert, where Burgundy came out of his shell a bit and stood up with the mic cracking wise jokes about weed and parties.

Then was my favorite late show The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. It was a sit down conversation getting to know the man himself. This was possibly my favorite one.

The Late Late Show with James Corden was next on the agenda. There were animals involved and it got very scary.

Late Night with Seth Meyers took an interesting turn when the News Anchor turned into a Ventriloquist. It seems he isn't cut out for it though as the segment did end up getting a little violent.

"What else?" is the main line of the night at Jimmy Kimmel Live. The Anchorman talked about his podcast which he would like to release in braille, where he would like the Pope to attend as a guest.

The Ron Burgundy Podcast is available through the iHeartRadio App. Download it for free now from the App or Play Store.

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