Man Uses Dead Pigeon As A Weapon In A Street Fight

Street fights can get ugly but usually they don't get this ... weird.

A fight between two drunk men, outside a McDonald's, in the UK got weird the other night after they started fighting or more accurately 'dancing around each other' bizarrely to the smooth tune of "Mambo Number 5" playing outside the fast food joint.

One of the brawlers seems to not want to fight and backs away telling his opponantOne of them can be heard telling the other to "stop, you're a waste of my time".... then in a strange turn of events he picks up a dead pigeon from the sidewalk and hurls it at the other mans head.

It narrowly misses and lands on the pavement behind him.

They dance around each other a bit longer until one of their mates pulls one man away.

What a strange night for the onlookers.

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