Cheez-It Pizza?!

Pizza Hut and Cheez-Its are combining to be a SUPER PIZZA!

Yes it's true, there will soon be a cheez-it stuffed pizza crust available at Pizza Hut and it will also come with the option to include cheese as well as pepperoni and cheese to keep the cheez-its company.

I think this would taste awesome buuuut it's also one of the reasons Americans are so over weight as a nation lol.

I'm more excited about this, in a strange turn of events they are also looking at their fake meat options with the company Beyond Meat.

Meatless Burger Maker Beyond Meat's Stock Price Continues It's Skyrocketing Rise Since Its IPO In May

Pizza hut have partnered with other companies before like Hershey’s for its brownies or Cinnabon for its mini cinnamon rolls.

It truly is a whole new world for the pizza lover.

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