KISS Performs For Sharks Down Under!

Us Aussies are known as a crazy bunch and for good reason, because we do things like this ....

Yes! KISS will be performing UNDER WATER for SHARKS down under.

The band that has long been accused of doing anything to earn a buck, is now singing for Sharks .. are we not surprised?

They'll do a set in Port Lincoln, off the southern coast of Australia, to attract the creatures. Apparently it's the vibrations of the rock music that has been working for shark viewers for ages and now it's going to be live.

On November 18th, joined by a select group of passengers, KISS will play on a glass-bottomed boat in the Indian Ocean. The passengers will look down to see if KISS's music, which will be pumped into the water through special speakers, will attract sharks.

As strange as this sounds, I actually think it would be a cool experianceAs strange as this all sounds, I still think it would be a cool experience to go haha!

Your chance to reserve a spot starts on October 14th at 6 p.m. ET.

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