Motley Crew Won't Be Giving Out Free Tickets!

Despite the fact that Motley Crew's guitarist, Mick Mars told the world that if they ever toured again the tickets would be free, they apparently won't be. The Crew are said to be returning to the stage once more and Steel Panther drummer Stix Zadinia questioned the claim publicly on Twitter!

How nice is he, offering to hang out afterwards and at his friend's strip joint no less! It didn't really need to be said but Mick gave a public apology saying he's eating his words and the tickets won't be free.

In fact it will be quite the opposite from free with one vendor saying that the band are asking for $3.25 million per night! So if the tickets were $70 each they would still need 46, 000 people to just break even!

Def Leppard and Poison are said to be on the road with them this time, no word on dates yet.

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