Dave Grohl Revealed A Prank That He Still Feels Bad About!

Dave Grohl has earned his name as the nicest guy in rock and roll by donating to charities, beind kind to people and just being a damn good guy! But apparently he wasn't always that way inclined. In a recent interview he said that there was a prank he played on a woman at a Karaoke bar back when Nirvana was first starting out that he still feels bad for all these years on!

He said that one night, he went out with Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic, and Novoselic’s ex-wife, Shelli Dilley, to a karaoke night. 

“At the time we were being kind of groomed by all these different record companies,” Grohl said. “We were getting [bid] on by all these [record labels]…but we had so many A&R guy cards. And we got wasted one night and gave an A&R guy card to a karaoke singer.”

Grohl continued to explain. “That’s bad,” he said. “…I don’t remember which — it was either Kurt or me or Krist — and we gave it to her under the impression that we were an A&R guy and that we were gonna make her famous.”

That's pretty mean and he does feel bad about it to this day. I'm sure the karaoke star figured it out eventually!

We still love you Dave!

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