Shakira's Tongue Thing Explained.

The Super Bowl, what an amazing event! I feel so lucky to have been able to be apart of the festivities that were going down all week in the lead up to the big game right here in Miami. My favorite part about the game was the half time show ... of course 😁 and I especially enjoyed the seemingly strange noise that Shakira made into the camera.

People were very confused and we knew there would be some memes made out of it almost instantly, we were right. However it turns out it was not a strange noise but an ode of her father of Lebanese decent

Apparently there's an actual reason for this tongue thing .... it’s called a "Zaghroota." It’s what people of Arab decent do in weddings, gradation & other festive occasions. It’s a signature way of celebrating happiness and she did it as an ode to her father.

The more you know!

We love you Shakira!

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