Tom Cruise Has Made An Enemy

Tom Cruise has made an enemy in the new Top Gun movie, Top Gun: Maverick. His name is Rooster and he's Goose's son!

The trailer was released during the Super Bowl and we finally got to see a glimpse of what's in store.

“My Dad believed in you, I’m not going to make the same mistake,” is the line that just gets ya right in the feels.

I mean, we all know how it will go ... we'll get introduced to the characters again, this time with some fresh faces. Rooster won't like Maverick and then after some stunts in the air and a near miss, they'll put aside their differences and Tom Cruise will save the day once more and will be well liked by everyone who misjudged him, especially Rooster.

Do you think the sequel will continue the Top Gun legacy and bring the love of flight to a whole new generation or is this the worst thing they could have done?

I personally know two people who are obsessed with the original Top Gun movie to the point where it inspired their respective careers so even if this film is predictable and typical of anything Tommy boy stars in ... if this movie can inspire another generation then i'm on board.

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