Ozzy And Post Have A New Song!

Ozzy Osbourne may have cancelled his up coming tour but he hasn't stopped making music. Ordinary Man, his new album has dropped and a new song with rapper/singer Post Malone tells a true story of what went on back in his Black Sabbath days.

The whole song can't be on here as it's full of profanity so here's the link that you can check out if you wish.


If that's not for you, here's a sample.

Ozzy Osbourne and Post New Song

In a recent interview Ozzy said the wild and true backstory behind “It’s a Raid” in 1972, is that while Black Sabbath were recording Vol. 4 near Bel Air, California, the police swarmed the band’s house after Osbourne accidentally hit a button that triggered an alarm. At the time, there were piles of marijuana and cocaine out in the house.

“I’m shouting, ‘IT’S A F****** RAIIIIID,” Osbourne said, adding that he swept as much cocaine as he could into a container, retreated to the bathroom and then snorted it until the police left. “I’ve got coke coming out of my f****** ears! I didn’t sleep for four days after that,” Osbourne said.

The new alum, Ordinary Man is able to be purchased today.

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