New Electric VW Bus!

Shaggin Wagon, Hippie Bus, whatever you want to call the iconic Volkswagen Type 2 it's a symbol for peace and love. And in an announcement made by Volkswagen, the iconic bus will hit American, Chinese, and European markets by 2022. Although, this new version will be very different! They said “Our goal is clear: we want to make the fully electric, fully connected car a bestseller around the world. The iconic car of the electric age must be a Volkswagen,”

"Called the I.D. Buzz, concept imagery shows off a groovy lime-green electric vehicle that will seat eight, offer near-panoramic views thanks to ample windows, and offer the same front-trunk as its Woodstock-era older brother, the Type 2. It is not difficult to imagine sunshine-filled road trips with the I.D. Buzz." (TAXI)

Do we love this or hate it? I think it's a great idea! It's the perfect fit.

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